Squatter Tale

Free adaptation of the tale Mrs. Snow by the Grimm Brothers represented by children from the biggest illegal settlement of Santiago. An orphan must go rescue an embroidery when she is transported to the magical world of Mrs. Holle. The girl works for her for a while, shaking pillows and blankets to produce snow on Earth. After some time, the girl decides to return home and Mrs. Holle rewards her with gold. Arriving home, her stepsister imitates her in an attempt to get the same reward, but she behaves lazy and rude, which results in her being grounded. All roads lead to the common zone, but each reaps what it sows.


Original Title: Nuevo Amanecer
English Title: Squatter Tale
Genre: Family (G)
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Duration: 17 min
Script and Director: Elisa Eliash
Executive Producer: Clara Taricco
Cinematographer (DoP): Laura Salinas and Michelle Bossy Nicolai

Made in collaboration with the community of the Nuevo Amanecer housing settlement and with Audiovisual Direction students from the Catholic University of Chile.