Michelle Bossy Nicolai / DoP & Producer

Michelle Bossy Nicolai (1975) Chilean Cinematographer and Scholar. She completed her film studies at the Chilean Film School. In 2000 she took an internship at the HFF Konrad Wolf Documentary Film School in Berlin, Germany. Years later, while living in Barcelona, Spain, she worked in artistic and musical circuits, both in creation and teaching. She currently lives in Santiago de Chile and works as director, cinematographer, camerawoman, still photographer, audiovisual project consultant, teacher, and executive producer for several productions in artistic and audiovisual disciplines. Michelle is a founding member of the ACC (Chilean Cinematographer Association) and has collaborated with Pachi Bustos in “HAYDEE Y EL PEZ VOLADOR” (Haydee and the Flying Fish), and with Elisa Eliash in the short film “UN POCO DE FIEBRE” (A Little Bit of Fever), and the feature film “FIEBRE” (Fever), currently in post-production.