Elisa Eliash / Director & Scriptwriter

Elisa Eliash (1984) Chilean Director, Scriptwriter and Academic. Her first feature film and thesis project, “Mommy, I love you”, premiered at the Reencontres du Cinema festival in Toulouse and was screened in more than 25 festivals around the world; recipient of the Best Film award at Cine B Santiago and mentions at the Valdivia and Quito film festivals. Her second feature film, “Here I am, here I´m not”, premiered at the BAFICI International Competition and was later awarded Best Film, Best Script and the People’s Choice Award at FICIANT 2013, among others. She has been teaching scriptwriting and direction for over 13 years at various universities and national and international laboratories. She is currently an Adjunct Professor of the Special Plant of the Faculty of Communications of the Universidad Católica, Chile. She has also co-written the feature films “EL BOSQUE DE KARADIMA” (M. Lira), which rose as the most seen Chilean film in theaters in 2015. “SIN NORTE” (F. Lavanderos), winner of the Best Film Award at the Gramado Film Festival, Brazil, and Special Jury Award at the Valdivia International Film Festival, and and “EL NIÑO DEL PLOMO” (D. Davila)   She has collaborated in various stage productions and with NZ Canal created video clips for the hearing-impaired, a project that won the Avonni Prize for Innovation in Culture 2015. She founded La Forma film house along with Clara Taricco where they are also developing the series Nanay Tales among other projects. She recently premiered his third feature film FIEBRE (Chile, Brazil, Peru), a child-oriented production that mixes animation and live action and which was premiered at FiCValdivia, Black Nights in Tallinn and Mar del Plata, receiving the Best Feature Film award at MPF Lima 2023 .