Feverish (Short Film)

Nino (10) is not feeling well. The fever rises as his senses are enhanced, and his eyes become dry. The thermometer takes five minutes to give its verdict, but they seem endless. Suddenly, as if swallowed by the sheets, Nino is lost. He must now face wars and volcanoes to return to his mother’s arms. It’s just a little fever…

Original Title: Un poco de fiebre
Title: Feverish
Genre: Children/Family
Original Language: Spanish
Duration: 10 min.
Format: RED CODE 4.6k
Camera: RED Epic –W- sensor Helium 8K
Ratio: 16:9
Director/Scriptwriter: Elisa Eliash
Executive Producer: Clara Taricco
Co-Producer: Válvula Films
Cinematographer: Michelle Bossy
Art Director: Juan Pablo Sandoval
Direct Sound: Alberto Hueramán / Cristóbal Rivera
Editors: Elisa Eliash and Juan Eduardo Murillo
Post-production: Válvula Films

Lautaro Cantillana NINO
Macarena Teke MOTHER

Winner of the 2019 Chilean Audiovisual Promotion Fund

Winner of the Postón (Wip) Ojo De Pescado International Film Festival 2019

Winner of the Libelula Award (Wip) Ojo De Pescado International Film Festival 2019

Official Selection Latin American Children’s Short Film Competition, Valdivia International Film       Festival 2020

Winner Best Direction Festival de Cine Chileno FECICH 2021